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Provide guests with Australian-made hotel amenities courtesy of Dolphy wholesale suppliers!

Keep your hotel, motel or resort well-stocked by choosing from a wide range of hotel amenities products.

Combine style and convenience with a Dolphy adjustable mirror, either in tabletop form or mounted to a wall.

Both types provide close-up magnification and a 360° swivel for easy makeup application. Choose between flawless chrome, stunning gold or modern black with a matte finish. Wall-mounted mirrors even come with LED halo lighting that can last for up to 60,000 hours.

Keep valuables secure with a Dolphy digital safe, complete with a solid steel frame and thick door, along with a foolproof locking mechanism.

Built from solid, pry-resistant steel, the digital safe is lightweight and can accommodate a wide selection of items. Bolt to the wall, shelf or floor, with all necessary mounting hardware included.

After installing, reprogram the safe with a unique passcode. The door will automatically open when entered correctly, but if not, the system will block any further attempts. The digital safe’s soft carpeted floor also offers an extra layer of protection when it comes to jewellery, documents and other fragile items.

Always look your best with a Dolphy brand hair dryer, which can reach speeds of up to 12 m/s and is fitted with two types of heat and speed settings. Moulded from sturdy ABS plastic, it has a beautiful glossy finish for maximum glam, and is strong enough to mount to the wall or to the inside of a drawer.

Other hotel amenities include folding ironing boards, retractable steel clothes lines, wall-mounted ironing board holders, queue barriers and stainless-steel electric kettles, all at affordable prices.

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