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Hand Sanitiser Dispenser

Introducing Dolphy's Hand Sanitiser Dispenser, your ultimate hygiene companion. Our Automatic Hand Sanitiser Dispenser is designed to provide a convenient and touchless solution for maintaining hand hygiene. Its sleek and modern design seamlessly blends into any environment, whether it's a commercial space, office, or public facility.

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The dispenser offers flexible dispensing options, allowing you to customise the amount of sanitiser dispensed. Its high-capacity reservoir ensures uninterrupted usage, reducing the need for frequent refills. Our Hand Sanitiser Dispenser promotes hygiene by eliminating cross-contamination risks and providing a hassle-free sanitising experience.

Trust Dolphy for reliable and effective sanitiser dispensers in Australia, ensuring the well-being of everyone in your space.

Automatic Hand Sanitiser Dispenser

Experience the convenience of Dolphy's Automatic Hand Sanitiser Dispenser, packed with advanced features for optimal hygiene:

  • Touchless Operation: The dispenser's infrared sensor detects hand movement, automatically dispensing the perfect amount of sanitiser without physical contact.

  • Adjustable Dispensing Options: Customise the sanitiser dosage to suit your needs, ensuring efficient usage and minimal wastage.

  • High-Capacity Reservoir: Our dispenser is equipped with a large reservoir, reducing the frequency of refills and ensuring a continuous supply of sanitiser.

  • Battery-Powered: Powered by batteries, our dispenser offers installation flexibility, making it suitable for various settings without needing electrical outlets.

  • Sleek and Modern Design: With its stylish and contemporary design, our hand sanitiser dispenser adds a touch of sophistication to any space, complementing your interior decor.

Sanitiser Dispensers for Multiple Application Areas

Dolphy's range of Sanitiser Dispensers is designed to cater to multiple application areas, ensuring hygiene and cleanliness in various settings:

  • Commercial Spaces: Our sanitiser dispensers are ideal for retail centres, food centres and other commercial establishments, promoting hand hygiene among employees and customers.
  • Educational Institutions: Schools, universities, and childcare centres can benefit from our dispensers, creating a safe and healthy environment for students and staff.
  • Healthcare Facilities: Hospitals, clinics, and medical offices require stringent hygiene measures. Our sanitiser dispensers offer a touchless solution for healthcare professionals and patients.
  •  Hospitality Industry: Hotels, resorts, and accommodation facilities can maintain a high standard of cleanliness by providing sanitiser dispensers in common areas and guest rooms. 
  • Public Spaces: Airports, public transport stations, and public restrooms can significantly benefit from the accessibility and convenience of our sanitiser dispensers, promoting public health and safety.

Hygiene Benefits

Dolphy's Sanitiser Dispensers offer a range of hygiene benefits, ensuring a clean and safe environment:

  • Promotes Hand Hygiene: Our sanitiser dispensers encourage regular hand sanitisation, helping to prevent the spread of germs and infections.
  • Reduces Cross-Contamination: With the touchless operation, our dispensers eliminate the need for physical contact, reducing the risk of cross-contamination and promoting hygienic practices.

  • Convenient and Easy to Use: Our automatic hand sanitiser dispensers provide a hassle-free sanitising experience. Place your hands under the sensor, and the dispenser delivers the perfect sanitiser.

  • Suitable for Various Settings: From offices to schools, restaurants to healthcare facilities, our sanitiser dispensers are versatile and adaptable, catering to diverse environments and promoting hygiene wherever they are placed.

Trust Dolphy's Sanitiser Dispensers for their hygiene benefits, making hand sanitisation convenient, effective, and essential for a healthier environment.

Protect your workplace from COVID, influenza and other nasty germs with a Dolphy brand hand sanitiser dispenser.

Manufactured in Australia and built to last, we offer a wide range of hand sanitiser dispensers to choose from, including manual and automatic hand sanitiser dispensers.

Also available is the Dolphy brand sanitising machine, used for fogging all types of water-based disinfectants in closed spaces. By breaking disinfectant liquid down into small particles, it ensures minimum wetting on surfaces and - when used with the right disinfectant - proper fumigation.

Our hand sanitiser dispensers are made from high impact ABS plastic and rust-proof stainless steel, designed to be durable, compact and comfortable enough for anyone to use, as well as easy to clean.

A Dolphy brand hand sanitiser dispenser is easy to install, with most models taking 4 x AA batteries. They can stand on their own or be mounted to a wall in any bathroom, kitchen or office, and features a foolproof key lock system to help prevent tampering, vandalism and theft, especially in high traffic areas.

With a non-drip design, automatic infra-red sensor technology, and a drop volume rate of 1.5ml per one time, you don’t even have to touch the unit, which helps stop the spread of bacteria. Dolphy brand hand sanitiser comes in both alcohol-based and ethanol-based forms for fast drying, containing natural moisturisers and killing up to 99.9% of germs.

Not only are our hand sanitiser dispensers made for longer-lasting performance, but they also look good as well, featuring sleek and stylish designs to suit any type of work environment.

And best of all, our range of hand sanitiser dispensers come at an affordable price, to ensure all Australian workplaces remain safe, healthy and clean.

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