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Promote good hygiene habits in the workplace with a Dolphy brand paper towel dispenser.

Built with simplicity and style in mind, our paper towel dispensers are manufactured right here in Australia from high-grade ABS plastic and stainless steel for extra durability and strength, which makes any unit easier to clean.

Dolphy brand paper towel dispensers are designed to be sleek, lightweight and easy to install, with some models able to accommodate up to two packs of paper towels (depending on the brand).

They can be mounted to the wall of your workplace bathroom, kitchen or washroom, where bacteria can often be found.

Our paper towel dispensers are specially designed to prevent overfilling and jamming. Certain models also come with a foolproof key lock system to stop theft, vandalism and tampering between each refill.

You don’t even need to touch the unit when removing a towel, which helps to stop the spread of COVID, cold and flu, and other types of germs throughout the workplace.

A Dolphy brand paper towel dispenser is a more economical and eco-friendly choice compared to others on the market, dispensing one sheet of paper towel at a time, which helps to cut down on unnecessary waste.

Dolphy offers some of the most affordable hygiene products on the market to ensure all Australian businesses are kept clean and safe all year round, with up to 5 years’ warranty on certain models of paper towel dispensers.

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